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Taking pride in giving my customers the opportunity to see how much can be easily achieved by optimising resources, you are welcomed to reach out to keep your clouds under control.

Focus on your business' core, the code. Guztia will manage the infrastructure.

AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS China & Huawei Cloud
Cross-border connectivity and Multi-jurisdictional deployments
Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Elasticsearch, etc.

Specializing in all major APAC Clouds,ICP License Filing, China cross-border communications, website acceleration, Guztia will help you architect the most suitable solution for your business needs. Offering local expertise and unmatched speed to market for your business growth in China.

Oh, btw… Guztia is a basque word pronounced [ɡus̻.t̪i.a].

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Guztia Consulting is made up of an international troupe of cloud computing nerds helping organisations achieve high efficiency on the infrastructure their applications runs on by offering remote Platform Engineering, Cloud Consultancy, Site Acceleration, DevOps Outsourcing and SRE.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase efficiency and secure your infrastructure.

Business VPN For China

Guaranteed bandwidth

Secure (MPLS & IPSec)

24/7 availability

Website acceleration in China

Boost your site's load speed

Reach your audience faster

Increase user engagement

ICP license support

Qualification assessment

Alternatives assessment

Application filing assistance

DevOps/SRE outsourcing

Streamline your deployments

Lower TCO (FinOps approach)

Scale efficiently

Cross-border connectivity

Connect across borders

Seamless global collaboration

Quantum-proof encryption

Access Salesforce in China

SSC, Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

Data Compliance in China

Seamless Customer Experience

Cloud migrations

Security and compliance

Data security on the cloud

MLPS 2.0 compliance

🔐 Business VPN for China

Whether you are in a Business trip or in need of some reliable cross-region connectivity from China mainland, check our custom-made Business VPN for China. Experience optimal routing, 24/7 uptime, and dedicated bandwidth tailored to meet your specific needs.

MPLS or IPSec, discover how our VPN solutions can empower your business to thrive in the Chinese market.

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Case studies: Demonstrating successful partnerships with all kinds of companies.

Discover how Guztia services have enabled global organizations to achieve success in their cloud transformation journey.

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  • Even after remaining one the major video game publishers in the world for decades, this company was facing difficulties with users from Mainland China struggling to log into their servers.

    “Users gets frustrated if the login screen takes a long time to load”

    The login screen's TTI exceeded the internal requirement of 300ms. The difficulty lied in running the necessary logic outside of China for compliance purposes, which made achieving a 300ms round-trip time very challenging. This issue was causing users to seek out alternative online platforms.

    Through the integration of "Near-China" solutions such as Multi-ISP Border Gateway Protocol Pro from Alibaba Cloud and Cloudflare Workers, we were able to achieve a consistently fast loading time for this particular client.

  • Having successfully launched venture capital-backed products in other countries, this company encountered some difficulties when introducing their new platform to the Chinese Mainland market, where they had limited experience.

    “Our platform is unable to handle the increasing number of new clients.”

    Despite having a functional product, this company encountered scaling issues due to its initial design, which necessitated expert advice and a new architecture to ensure platform stability in the face of a large influx of new customers.

    We assisted the customer in achieving high client concurrency while maintaining a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Additionally, they were able to obtain a flexible and scalable system.

  • As one of the top global car parts companies, this company fell victim to hackers who infiltrated their systems and stole some of their most highly prized designs.

    “Our platform got hacked, we need help architecting a new, better solution”

    With multiple offices worldwide and a combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, this company faced numerous security oversights. To prevent further data loss and improve account governance, they required assistance.

    By utilizing a combination of various tools, implementing privacy best practices, and providing training, we aided this company in strengthening their platforms and maintaining control over account permissions.

  • This Chinese company, with a keen awareness of how the art market is evolving, was experiencing significant growth. However, the increasing complexity of user interactions with the platform posed a significant infrastructure challenge.

    “Users demand a high reliability inside and outside China”

    Due to the nature of the website, which focused on the art space for China, the US, and Europe, users expected high reliability both inside and outside of China. However, the platform experienced slow loading times due to the cross-border communication requirements.

    Through the utilization of Kubernetes, tailor-made CI/CD pipelines, and optimizing the creation of Docker images, we accelerated the deployment process while ensuring platform security and privacy.

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