DevOps/SRE Outsourcing

Elevate code quality in your team with our DevOps/SRE services.

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DevOps/SRE Outsourcing

How We Help StartUps?

Developer Upskilling

Enhance skills Stay updated Drive innovation

Faster Deployments

Accelerate development Quick market response Reduce team stress

Technical Direction

Tailored solutions Expert guidance Grow team trust

Cost Optimization

Reduce your TCO Maximize ROI Improve financial efficiency

Scalability and Reliability

Build scalable systems Ensure high availability Handle increased workload

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate communication Increase productivity Promote sharing

Plan for early-stage StartUps (non-renewable)

1650€ Monthly
For 6 Months
*total of 9.9k€ I help getting your ducks in a row
AWS Landing Zone Up to $5k AWS Credits 48h SLA Response Time HIPAA/PCI-DSS Compliant Monthly Infrastructure Review Call Comprehensive Documentation Proactive Infrastructure Updates

Plan for growing StartUps (renewable)

2100€ Monthly
For 1 Year
*total of 25.2k€ Let's keep those ducks marching
24h SLA Response Time 24/7 Monitoring Alerts Advanced Monitoring/Analytics Monthly Infrastructure Review Call Comprehensive Documentation Performance Optimization Scalability Solutions

Plan for rocketing ScaleUps (renewable)

2900€ Monthly
For 1 Year
*total of 34.8k€ I make sure those ducks stays in the row
12h SLA Response Time 24/7 On-call Priority Support Advanced Monitoring/Analytics Monthly Infrastructure Review Call Comprehensive Documentation Performance Optimization Scalability Solutions

Concentrate on your code, not the infrastructure

Take a strategic leap: focus on perfecting your business's core —the code— while we oversee the infrastructure. With our approach, you can be confident the technical foundation is in capable hands.

🧰 Our Services

Our team provides a comprehensive set of DevOps/SRE outsourcing services tailored to enhance your development and operational workflows. Explore how we can optimize your processes and drive efficiency.


Optimize cloud spending with our FinOps services. We specialize in cost analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning for efficient cloud operations.

CI/CD Optimization

Streamline your continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines for faster and reliable software delivery.

Code Review

Ensure code quality and best practices through thorough code reviews.

Solutions Consulting

Receive expert guidance on implementing effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

Task Estimation

Accurately estimate project tasks to ensure better planning and resource allocation.

Quick POC Development

Turn your ideas into reality with our quick Proof of Concept development services.

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