Using Aliyun Fun with Function Compute

Posted on 9 July 2019 by Alberto Roura.
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This GitHub repository is been created to help you understand how to easily deal with emails when working on serverless/microservice architectures on Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

We make use of nodejs8 runtime and the official SendinBlue API wrapper sendinblue-api.

To orchestrate all, we leverage fun, an amazing tool made by Alibaba Cloud that helps you form serverless resources by filling-out a yml config file.


How to

  1. Get your Alibaba Cloud credentials from the web console, you need your Account ID and a API/SECRET keypair.
  2. Fill the .env file with said credentials.
  3. Set your valid email address and SendinBlue token in the template.yml file under EnvironmentVariables.
  4. Run npm install inside the /code folder.
  5. Run fun deploy and wait for the script to finish.

Testing code in Function Compute

Once everything is uploaded, go to your Alibaba Cloud console and navigate to the Function Compute Service you just created, in this case mailerfunctions Service under Sydney Region, with the mailer function inside it.

Because we are testing the function, we will need to create an event with the following body:

  "name": "John",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "message": "Hello from Function Compute"

If everything went well, you should get a message in your email.

Original article: Using Aliyun Fun with Function Compute.

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