Alibaba Cloud MVP Global Summit 2019

Posted on 25 September 2019 by Alberto Roura.
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As part of the Apsara Conference (Yunqi Conference in chinese, 云栖大会), but one day ahead the official start, the MVP Global Summit was held in Hangzhou (杭州).

MVP of the Year Award

During the MVP Global Summit I got awarded as MVP of the Year 2019, which is the culmination of 2 years of hard work being Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, collaborating with the community and getting certified with this cloud provider. I don’t have words to describe this achievement, it’s a great honour.

Alibaba Cloud MVP of the Year Award 2019

Alibaba Cloud MVP Global Summit

The day was packed of several interesting presentations of a variety of topics such as AIoT and Serverless and some Alibaba executives’ experiences in the industry. One of them was the serverless introduction of Léon Rodenburg, where he talked about its history and best practises.

Léon Rodenburg at the MVP Summit 2019

Original article: Alibaba Cloud MVP Global Summit 2019.

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